Call of Cthulhu - Fetchborough Terror

Session 4 - premature conclusion

A quick spin through time into 1962 and back.

Reporter has a confrontation with Jakob – talks him out of eating him

All rush to number 27 – dnd game in progress. Sergant comes in and is scarificed in a ritual to transform his elder scroll (which was completed during his time meddling) into the king in yellow.

Reporter tries to shoot colette but she deflects it and he kills Billy by accident
Reporter shoots dr jackson dead and leave max stael unconcious

The ceremony is complete – sergant is dead and back as king in yellow burns everyone including our group. Kids trapped in dice released and one of them launches a missile and destroys the king in yellow.

Life in village back to normal – these bodies never found.

(GM will write this up properly once his sanity returns)

Session 3 - Pritchard and the Skull

Colette burns the reporter and escapes the pub into the night.

The policeman wheels corpse into the moors and sees a shadowy figure chanting and crab hooks coming out of a portal. it marks him with half an eldar scroll and burns the symbol onto his shoulder.

The Butcher meets Foxman on the moors and chats.

Next morning – marvin,reporter,policeman and Billy all age and get greyer skin.

They look at the dice and notice that the D6 seems to have 4 peoples face for the sides 1-4. Marvin tries a magic trick once the die starts making a creepy noise – a mini “snatch” monster appears from his hat in place of the dice which Marvin screams at and steps on and splats. The die though has disappeared. the police officer finds a D20 and reads up on the DnD book he found the previous day at school.
They read up how to cure “Batman” and return him to normality – he attacks policeman’s eldar scroll scar. they lead to the corpse of Pixie Woodward and the bat feasts on her arm and returns to human form of Rob Pritchard.
They bump into Adam Tyler and Mal Terris (farmer) who lead them up to the labortory (after leaving the Colby Children and Rob at the BnB)
Half way up Billy notices in the sudden fog a figure heading for the village. Billy,Marvin and policeman pop down and see number 6 on fire. Herbert has snuck inside and is trapped upstairs. Policeman runs up stairs risking his own live and despite lots of burns pulls the boy out and is saved by Marvin and Billy. They come back up to the labortary where the others are waiting.

Adam, Jack and reporter go in – adam goes looking for mum while Dr Colby talks to the others he takes them into the lab where they see a gamma radiation test on the skull taking place. dr Philips bursts in and shoots the reporter – reporter falls to one knee (knee capped) and shots a deadly shot back. Colby starts licking the floor and Jack comes in and sees the blood and starts looking at the skull. He unwittingly deactivates the radiation shield and all alarms go off.

The others appear and the building is shaking. People run in and there is a lot of panic. The Dr Kildare and Ransome come in and look horrified and try pulling up the reporter and colby when Colette appears and shuts the down she whisks the doctors away and talks to jack and the reporter. Suddenly a thunderbolt comes down and blows the door out and makes colette disappear. jack finds adam drags him out and they all leave the labortory which suffers immense damage.

They return to the BnB – The reporter decides to rest while Jack goes off to talk to rob pritchard. The others decide to go to number 27 for the DnD meeting. They walk through the door to the house and come out the other side onto a dnd board surrounded by 4 massive figures…

Session 2 - Foxman

Between them Marvin and Grithiff take control at the pub. There are two new people in the pub that take more of a role in the events – Billy Doyle whose grandson (Sam Cleese) has been missing for a couple of weeks and Aaron Jenkins a journalist on tour from America.

The group call over the school teacher Marcus Charlton and ask him about the missing children and ask for a class list of pupils from this school. Marcus says only local children have ever attended. He goes with them to the school and opens it up in the middle of the night.

He gives them a full list of names and they search some of the desks. Ropsawn finds a book of a game of “Dungeons and Dragons” in one of the desks of the missing children while Doyle looks in his grandson’s draw and finds a character sheet and a drawing of an apparent foxman.

The group ask Marcus Charlton about this and he reveals the legend of Foxman who looks after the children but hunts the unwary. None of the group notice that Marcus has started bleeding and seems to be quite weak for a man in his early 20s. Marcus believes the legend to be real as does Ropsawn. Marcus also explains that there is no apparent pattern to the disappearances – random days, times etc

Marvin and Grithiff decide to search the school and look in various rooms – in one they find an isolated D8 dice. Marvin rolls it twice – nothing seems to happen. Jenkins and Ropsawn join them. Doyle stays with Charlton but doesnt notice Charlton disappear but does spot a thick trail of blood and alerts the others.

The trail leads outside and they notice a severed arm. Jenkins is alarmed to notice a red set of eyes staring at the investigators from a difference. Grithiff turns on the torch and notices another limb and walks towards it despite feeling a chill in his bones. The eyes get closer to them and soon a bear-fox creature is in sight of them.

Grabbing the first limb Ropsawn retreats back to his shop along with Doyle. jenkins tries to take a photo but the flash sets the beast off and it charges at grithiff who is at the front. He dodges and Marvin disappears in a cloud of smoke. Jenkins shoots the animal and the animal claws Jenkins in the face. Both take damage but both stay standing.

After more battling Grithiff decides to try talking to the animal and it responds. He reveals himself as Jakob Cleese and says he hasnt killed any children just those that are dying anyway (he hints that Marcus Charlton was dying of a disease called HIV and was very weak). he claims that two in the village (Dr Philips and Colette Tyler) turned him into this beast.

Meanwhile, Ropsawn tells Doyle to tell the pub about the beast. he does so and causes panic and villagers start moving out of the pub charging and screaming. One of them knocks Doyle out cold. Ropsawn puts the limb in one of the freezers and rejoins the villagers when Grithiff, Marvin and Jenkins return. They etablaish order and Grithiff arrests two kids for “disturbing the peace” (Godfrey Adams and James Tanner).

Once its all calm they go off to Dr Jackson’s house (he lives with Colette Tyler and Dr Philips). There they find various documents about Jakob Cleese and foxman and another dnd dice. it seems that Dr Jackson was the GM of a dnd group that involved the missing boys. They then go to the abandoned house while Ropsawn goes to get some food for Jakob and he has questions to ask.

At the abandoned house Marvin releases a bat from the cellar which flies into the butchers and eyes up food. Marvin alerts Ropsawn and he feeds it. In the cellar in the house the rest of the investigators find a frightened Herbert Colby tied up. they find a dnd board and more dice. Marvin rolls the dice – the ceiling starts to fall in. They escape the house and take Herbert to the pub to stay with the others. Herbert tells them about the dnd groups and the odd two people (Colette and Dr Philips) and the work his dad is doing and draws a picture of a skull with an Eldar scroll on it. Herbert answered the door a couple of hours ago and a bag was put on his head and he woke up in the cellar and a bat was staring at him (same bat that Marvin released)

Outside the village Ropsawn gives food to Jakob Cleese (Foxman) who says he was transformed by colette and Dr Philips and that they are touching upon the power of a powerful being. he wont go near the laboratory.

In the pub the group take Pixie Woodward to one side to ask her about her role in discovering the bodies of the Tanners 5 years previously. Grithiff shows her a picture of the artifiate that Herbert drew. Pixie clutches her chest collapses on the floor and dies. At that moment Jenkins hears a voice enter the pub. It is the voice of Colette Tyler

Session 1 - Mystery Begins

A Police Detective Sergant called Harland Grithiff is called into the office of his superior office in London and tasked with a mission in the little village of Fetchborough (which is between Cornwall and Devon). His boss is concerned with reports of vanishing teenage children and sends the inexperienced Grithiff to investigate.

Once in the village Grithiff joins forces with some locals who are alarmed by the increasingly strange events. The local butcher Jack Ropsawn, the entrepreneur Angus Hopkins and the local celebrity and failed tv personality Marvin the Magnificent (he is a magician and wont reveal his real name)

The village of Fetchborough currently has had a poor tourist summer – the weather has been foggy and isolated and hardly any visitors have come to the village. This is either as a result of the disappearences (4 boys all aged 14 have now gone) and in the last 18 months a science team have taken over the old church on the hill overlooking the village and are conducting some “unnatural” experiments. One of the team Dr Arther Colby is a lodger of Marvin the Magnificent. Grithliff is allowed to stay at the BnB being run by the ever nosey Joanne Kipping. Grithliff and Ropsawn have houses within the village.

Fetchborough is a very traditional village – there are hardly any cars and it is always quiet. It has a village pub (The Fox and Hounds), a butcher shop (Run by Grithiff), a fish and chip shop (Open Tuesday-Saturday), a post office, a church and a school for the local children.

The group of investigators decide to have a quick walk around the village when a shadowry village to the far left of the village catches their attention. It seems to be heading for the labortary where the scienctists are working. They give chase and find someone hurt and scared (a local resident called Scott Edinburgh). They get the doctor out and come across an elderly lady called Colette Tyler who warns that someone is about to die. Immediately they hear screams from the labortary and the investigators charge up the hill to hear a shrill noise which paralysises them to the ground.

They all then get a glimpse of what is happening. Marvin is transfixed as he watches a man get decapitated by a monster about 10 foot tall and what can be crudely described as “a snatch on legs”. Marvin suffers terribly from this and vomits and starts shaking. The group retreat down the hill with Colette and the Doctor seems to run away.

Upon seeing this turn of events Grithiff decides to get reinforcements and gets in his car to leave. Upon exiting the village the car stops as Grithiff notices Colette in the road – refusing to let him leave. Suddenly the car starts to get warm and Grithiff jumps out just as the car explodes and backrolls taking trees down at the edge of the village which take the power lines down. One of these crash down on a house at the end of the village trapping its occupatant. (Colonel James Davidson). The house sets on fire and Marvin leads the villagers into rescuing the Colonel from the burning building and uses the wells on the village green to put the fire out.

In the confusion several people hear howling noises and a few seek refuage in the pub. The investigators decide to set this as a base and with no power decide to get all villagers to the pub. Upon inspection they notice a couple of villagers missing (2 scientists, Dr Jackson, Hurbert Colby – Professor Colby’s 14 year old son and Colette Tyler).

The Phone in Marvin’s house rings – Its professor Colby. He tells Marvin that they have just done an experiement in the labortiy that was strange and asks why the power is out and if his children are ok. Marvin has to tell him that his son is now missing. A fifth child is now missing in Fetchborough

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