Call of Cthulhu - Fetchborough Terror

Session 1 - Mystery Begins

A Police Detective Sergant called Harland Grithiff is called into the office of his superior office in London and tasked with a mission in the little village of Fetchborough (which is between Cornwall and Devon). His boss is concerned with reports of vanishing teenage children and sends the inexperienced Grithiff to investigate.

Once in the village Grithiff joins forces with some locals who are alarmed by the increasingly strange events. The local butcher Jack Ropsawn, the entrepreneur Angus Hopkins and the local celebrity and failed tv personality Marvin the Magnificent (he is a magician and wont reveal his real name)

The village of Fetchborough currently has had a poor tourist summer – the weather has been foggy and isolated and hardly any visitors have come to the village. This is either as a result of the disappearences (4 boys all aged 14 have now gone) and in the last 18 months a science team have taken over the old church on the hill overlooking the village and are conducting some “unnatural” experiments. One of the team Dr Arther Colby is a lodger of Marvin the Magnificent. Grithliff is allowed to stay at the BnB being run by the ever nosey Joanne Kipping. Grithliff and Ropsawn have houses within the village.

Fetchborough is a very traditional village – there are hardly any cars and it is always quiet. It has a village pub (The Fox and Hounds), a butcher shop (Run by Grithiff), a fish and chip shop (Open Tuesday-Saturday), a post office, a church and a school for the local children.

The group of investigators decide to have a quick walk around the village when a shadowry village to the far left of the village catches their attention. It seems to be heading for the labortary where the scienctists are working. They give chase and find someone hurt and scared (a local resident called Scott Edinburgh). They get the doctor out and come across an elderly lady called Colette Tyler who warns that someone is about to die. Immediately they hear screams from the labortary and the investigators charge up the hill to hear a shrill noise which paralysises them to the ground.

They all then get a glimpse of what is happening. Marvin is transfixed as he watches a man get decapitated by a monster about 10 foot tall and what can be crudely described as “a snatch on legs”. Marvin suffers terribly from this and vomits and starts shaking. The group retreat down the hill with Colette and the Doctor seems to run away.

Upon seeing this turn of events Grithiff decides to get reinforcements and gets in his car to leave. Upon exiting the village the car stops as Grithiff notices Colette in the road – refusing to let him leave. Suddenly the car starts to get warm and Grithiff jumps out just as the car explodes and backrolls taking trees down at the edge of the village which take the power lines down. One of these crash down on a house at the end of the village trapping its occupatant. (Colonel James Davidson). The house sets on fire and Marvin leads the villagers into rescuing the Colonel from the burning building and uses the wells on the village green to put the fire out.

In the confusion several people hear howling noises and a few seek refuage in the pub. The investigators decide to set this as a base and with no power decide to get all villagers to the pub. Upon inspection they notice a couple of villagers missing (2 scientists, Dr Jackson, Hurbert Colby – Professor Colby’s 14 year old son and Colette Tyler).

The Phone in Marvin’s house rings – Its professor Colby. He tells Marvin that they have just done an experiement in the labortiy that was strange and asks why the power is out and if his children are ok. Marvin has to tell him that his son is now missing. A fifth child is now missing in Fetchborough


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