Call of Cthulhu - Fetchborough Terror

Session 3 - Pritchard and the Skull

Colette burns the reporter and escapes the pub into the night.

The policeman wheels corpse into the moors and sees a shadowy figure chanting and crab hooks coming out of a portal. it marks him with half an eldar scroll and burns the symbol onto his shoulder.

The Butcher meets Foxman on the moors and chats.

Next morning – marvin,reporter,policeman and Billy all age and get greyer skin.

They look at the dice and notice that the D6 seems to have 4 peoples face for the sides 1-4. Marvin tries a magic trick once the die starts making a creepy noise – a mini “snatch” monster appears from his hat in place of the dice which Marvin screams at and steps on and splats. The die though has disappeared. the police officer finds a D20 and reads up on the DnD book he found the previous day at school.
They read up how to cure “Batman” and return him to normality – he attacks policeman’s eldar scroll scar. they lead to the corpse of Pixie Woodward and the bat feasts on her arm and returns to human form of Rob Pritchard.
They bump into Adam Tyler and Mal Terris (farmer) who lead them up to the labortory (after leaving the Colby Children and Rob at the BnB)
Half way up Billy notices in the sudden fog a figure heading for the village. Billy,Marvin and policeman pop down and see number 6 on fire. Herbert has snuck inside and is trapped upstairs. Policeman runs up stairs risking his own live and despite lots of burns pulls the boy out and is saved by Marvin and Billy. They come back up to the labortary where the others are waiting.

Adam, Jack and reporter go in – adam goes looking for mum while Dr Colby talks to the others he takes them into the lab where they see a gamma radiation test on the skull taking place. dr Philips bursts in and shoots the reporter – reporter falls to one knee (knee capped) and shots a deadly shot back. Colby starts licking the floor and Jack comes in and sees the blood and starts looking at the skull. He unwittingly deactivates the radiation shield and all alarms go off.

The others appear and the building is shaking. People run in and there is a lot of panic. The Dr Kildare and Ransome come in and look horrified and try pulling up the reporter and colby when Colette appears and shuts the down she whisks the doctors away and talks to jack and the reporter. Suddenly a thunderbolt comes down and blows the door out and makes colette disappear. jack finds adam drags him out and they all leave the labortory which suffers immense damage.

They return to the BnB – The reporter decides to rest while Jack goes off to talk to rob pritchard. The others decide to go to number 27 for the DnD meeting. They walk through the door to the house and come out the other side onto a dnd board surrounded by 4 massive figures…


Silverstriker Silverstriker

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