Billy Doyle

Likes a good drink, a bad woman and never shy of a fight


Born 1904 in Scotland, Orphaned along with his brother Patrick in 1912 when both parents died in an explosion. Raised at orphanage until old enough to work in the docks, while Patrick conscripted and went to France, never to return.

Billy investigated the disappearance of a maid called Lucy Siddeons in 1927 and shortly after left Scotland – never to tell anyone what he discovered. He moved south to Oxford and met a woman called Bernice and had a child called Jakob in 1944, the family wouldn’t last and Bernice and Jakob moved away in 1956. Billy hears about the death of Bernice in 1963 and that he becomes a grandfather in 1964.

Billy hears that his grandson has disappeared and comes to Fetchborough to discover what has happened.

Billy Doyle

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