Call of Cthulhu - Fetchborough Terror

Session 4 - premature conclusion

A quick spin through time into 1962 and back.

Reporter has a confrontation with Jakob – talks him out of eating him

All rush to number 27 – dnd game in progress. Sergant comes in and is scarificed in a ritual to transform his elder scroll (which was completed during his time meddling) into the king in yellow.

Reporter tries to shoot colette but she deflects it and he kills Billy by accident
Reporter shoots dr jackson dead and leave max stael unconcious

The ceremony is complete – sergant is dead and back as king in yellow burns everyone including our group. Kids trapped in dice released and one of them launches a missile and destroys the king in yellow.

Life in village back to normal – these bodies never found.

(GM will write this up properly once his sanity returns)


Silverstriker Silverstriker

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